Peer reviewers 2018

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of all peer reviewers. The Cochrane Skin aims to involve clinical peer and consumer reviewers in the assessment of all protocols and reviews before publication. In addition to our editors, the following people have contributed to the peer review process in 2018:

Clinical reviewers:

Jerry Brewer
David de Berker
Samantha Eisman
Ignacio Garcia-Doval
Heidi Jacobe
Michael Ming
Ruth Murphy
Manuel Sánchez-Regaña
Neil Shear
Jerry Tan
Einar Wilder-Smith
Miriam Wittmann
Peggy Wu
Yik Weng Yew

Consumer reviewers:

Malcolm Brewster
Lyn Charland
Sean Chua
Liz Dale
Anne Lyddiatt
Marian Nicholson
Muhammad Imran Omar
Amanda Roberts
John Tweed
Tam Watson

We also wish to acknowledge reviewers who have chosen to remain anonymous.