Editorial base

The Editorial Base at the University of Paris Est Créteil acts as a hub for supporting the worldwide group of Cochrane Skin.

Co-ordinating Editor
Prof Laurence Le Cleach
Créteil, France
Bob Boyle
Deputy Co-ordinating Editor
Dr Bob Boyle
London & Nottingham, UK
Ching-Chi Chi

Deputy Co-ordinating Editor
Prof Ching-Chi Chi
Linkou, Taiwan

Prof Ching-Chi Chi is Professor of Dermatology at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou and Distinguished Professor at Chang Gung University. Prof Chi is a former President of Taiwan Evidence-Based Medicine Association. He obtained his medical degree from Taipei Medical University and completed dermatology specialist training at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei. Prof Chi obtained DPhil in Clinical Medicine from the University of Oxford with doctorate thesis entitled ‘Evidence-based assessment of the safety of topical corticosteroids in pregnancy’. He is passionate about evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiology and has been involved in over 10 Cochrane reviews and 3 pan-European Dermatology Guidelines. Being an Editor of the Cochrane Skin since 2011, Prof Chi is also the Editor-in-Chief of Dermatologica Sinica and an Associate Editor of British Journal of Dermatology. Having published widely, Prof Chi has received the 2021 Outstanding Research Award from Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council and was selected as World’s Top 2% Scientist by the Elsevier BV and Stanford University, US.    
Sivem AfachMethodologist 
Dr Sivem Afach
Créteil, France



Tai Cheng-ChenInformation Specialist
Cheng-Chen Tai
Linkou, Taiwan
 Assistant Managing Editor
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