Cochrane Skin Editors

Mike Bigby
Dr Michael Bigby
Boston, USA
Ching-Chi Chi
Prof Ching-Chi Chi
Linkou, Taiwan
Sam GibbsDr Sam Gibbs
Swindon, UK
Urba GonzalezDr Urbà González
Barcelona, Spain
Dr Sue Jessop
Cape Town, South Africa
Laurence Le Cleach
Dr Laurence Le Cleach
Créteil, France
Luigi NaldiDr Luigi Naldi
Bergamo, Italy
Gloria SanclementeDr Gloria Sanclemente
Medellín, Colombia
Hywel Williams
Prof Hywel Williams
Nottingham, UK
Hywel founded the Cochrane Skin Group in 1997 and served as Co-ordinating editor for 21 years before he stepped down in 2018. Now, he serves as an editor to Cochrane Skin. His main clinical interests include eczema, keratinocyte cancer and acne and evidence-based dermatology in general. He cares passionately about genuine patient involvement in skin research. He has published extensively in mainstream general journals and has led several independent national clinical trials. Hywel’s main job now is directing the National Institute of Health Research Health Technology Assessment Programme which is the main public funder of research across all aspects of healthcare in the UK National Health Service.

Statistical Editors

Ben CarterDr Ben Carter
Kings College London, UK (Email)
Matthew GraingeDr Matthew Grainge
Nottingham, UK (Email)

Methods Editor

Prof Ching-Chi Chi
Linkou, Taiwan

Feedback Editor

Dr Urbà González
Barcelona, Spain