Peer reviewers

Peer review for Cochrane protocols and reviews

In accordance with the Cochrane peer review policy, all Cochrane Skin protocols and reviews are commented on by external peer reviewers prior to publication.

We invite at least one clinical or topic specialist, a statistician and/or methodologist, and a consumer (healthcare service user) to provide feedback on each draft protocol and review. We also ask another Information Specialist from within the MOSS Network to peer-review the search strategy for protocols.

From January 2019, and consistent with Cochrane’s core principles, including open and transparent communication and decision making, all CRGs adopted a named peer review process.  In a named peer review process, the Cochrane Review author and peer reviewer know each other’s names and affiliations during the peer review process. Cochrane Skin began the phased implementation of this part way through 2018 so not all reviewers for that year are listed here.

Note that Consumer peer reviewers are exempt from the named peer review process, and may remain anonymous if they wish to do so.