Statement on Cochrane Skin funding and Cochrane’s organisational restructure 

We have recently learnt that the funding of UK Cochrane review groups by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) will cease at the end of March 2023. This includes funding for the Cochrane Skin editorial base. For over 20 years, we have been grateful to receive continuous structural funding from the NIHR to support the editorial base to prioritise, commission, publish and disseminate Cochrane Reviews, and disseminate training in systematic review methods.

The UK Department of Health and Social Care are currently considering a new evidence synthesis delivery model from April 2023 that is responsive and flexible to evolving user needs.

In parallel, Cochrane is currently implementing a new organisational strategic plan, the Strategy for Change, to guide organisational priorities and objectives for the next two years. Part of this strategy includes formulating a new model for synthesising Cochrane evidence, to ensure that the organisation is best placed to respond to future challenges. Further information can be found here. Cochrane will continue to pursue competitive NIHR funding after March 2023 by addressing the concerns NIHR has expressed.

Cochrane Skin will continue to support registered titles; however, we do not have the flexibility that we used to in terms of extending set deadlines. As an alternative, author teams will still be able to complete a review and submit directly to the Cochrane Central Editorial Service, but we would not be able to help or advise further on drafts of reviews. Direct submission to the Cochrane Central Editorial Service involves making contact with editorial-service@cochrane.org, where they have stricter rules for submission and acceptance.

In view of these impending structural changes, we are currently unable to register new review titles.

Cochrane Skin will continue to monitor progress of titles, track deadlines, respond to queries, administer the editorial process (unless conducted by the Cochrane Editorial Service), and conduct initial checks. We will also continue to disseminate publications and assist in the creation of knowledge translation products.