Cochrane Skin Annual Meeting 2024

Joint meeting of Cochrane Skin and EDEN (replays)

Date: 22th - 24th April - Location: Paris, France

Presentations available for download​

Developing an absolute risk prediction model for metastasis in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma using a nested case-control design study
Marlies Wakkee, The Netherlands (Password-protected presentation, e-mail request: 

Prevalence and incidence of vitiligo
Khaled Ezzedine, France 

Risk of severe infectious with biologics Methodological choices across countries: pros and cons
Lætitia Penso, France | Ignacio García Doval, Spain | Zenas Yiu, United Kingdom 

Methological feed back
Phyllis Spuls,The Netherlands | Tat-Thang Vo, France 

Future of evidence ecosystem
Isabelle Boutron, France 

Inspect SR tool investigating problematic clinical trials in systematic reviews
Jack Wilkinson, United Kingdom 

Busting trials
Florian Naudet, France 

Trial sequential analysis
Yu-Kang Tu, Taiwan 

Population-adjusted indirect comparison in health technology assessment: methods, challenges and current practice
Tat-Thang Vo, France 

Unraveling the power of estimands in dermatology research
Kelly Van Lancker, Belgium 

Mapping guidelines in Dermatology
Zenas Yiu, United Kingdom 

Core Outcome Set development and application in Dermatology
John Ingram, United Kingdom | ZOOM 

EDEN (European Dermato-Epidemiology Network) research mentoring plan: a new format for an old role of EDEN
Ignacio García Doval, Spain

 Joint meeting of Cochrane Skin and EDEN (support)