Cochrane Skin Annual Meeting 2021

Our 2021 annual Cochrane Skin meeting was a virtual meeting across two half days, 17 & 18 March. 

Theme: Evidence-based dermatology (EBD) in 2021 and beyond 

Event: Cochrane skin annual meeting fostering education for and personal connections among those promoting EBD 


Day 1: Wednesday 17th March 2021

Prof Rob Dellavalle - Welcome

Prof James Thomas - Intervention complexity in systematic reviews

Dr Eva Parker - Dermatology and climate change

Dr Suzie Cro - To use or not to use IPD?: the advantages and disadvantages of using IPD meta-analysis in eczema and food allergy prevention studies

Prof Lisa Bero - The new Cochrane Conflicts of interest policy

Cochrane Skin Editorial meeting

Day 2: Thursday 18th March 2021

Prof Rob Dellavalle - Welcome

Rick Guidotti (Positive Exposure) (not recorded)

Dr Misha Rosenbach - COVID and dermatology 

Dr Esther Freeman & Dr Lindsy Frazer-Green - AAD corner: update on AAD guidelines (from around 34m 30)

Prof Hywel Williams - Are dermatology systematic reviews spinning out of control? (start missed)

CS-COUSIN: Prof Dr Jan Kottner - Cochrane Skin-Core Outcome Set Initiative: an update (from 23 minutes)

The full programme is here.

The meeting was supported by a conference grant from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.