Editorial process

We have split the information regarding our editorial process into the following subcategories: TitlesProtocolsReviewsUpdating.

The following flowchart for our editorial process for reviews can be downloaded as a pdf. Cochrane SKin is now only covering the first section up to peer review. Peer review and all processes up to publication are being handled by Cochrane Central Editorial Services.

The Cochrane Review Group's (CRG) Co-ordinating Editor(s) can reject a Cochrane Review at any stage before publication (including unpublished protocols, unpublished Cochrane Reviews, and Cochrane Reviews that are being updated).  Authors should note:

  • Registration of a new title or drafting of the protocol for a Cochrane Review by a specific author team does not guarantee publication for that team. Publication of a protocol does not guarantee authorship or publication of the subsequent review; and publication of a Cochrane Review does not guarantee authorship or publication of an updated version.
  • Authors are free to submit elsewhere a Cochrane Review that has been rejected on the condition that no reference is made to the manuscript being a Cochrane Review. 
  • A CRG has the right to register and publish a Cochrane Review on the same topic as a rejected Cochrane Review with a different author team.
  • The full rejection policy can be found here.