Cochrane Skin Annual Meeting 2018

The 2018 annual meeting of Cochrane Skin was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Date & time

Monday January 15th 2018, 11.45am (Registration) - 5pm (8.15pm dinner)
January 16th 2017, 9am - 1pm (then lunch)


Allard Pierson Museum - Amsterdam.


Please find the programme here. The first half of the meeting was centred around the work of CSG-COUSIN. On the second day, we opened the scope to wider Cochrane Skin issues. 


Please find the minutes here


From day 1, Dr. Caroline Terwee's keynote lecture "The value of item banks and the Patient Reported Outcome Information System (PROMIS) for Core Outcome Set (COS) development." (on YouTube)

Interventions for nail psoriasis – the challenges of multiple outcomes – Phyllis Spuls, review author (on YouTube), and Emma Mead, Methodologist (presentation)

Patients Included – Peter Smart, consumer referee (presentation)

Cochrane Skin prioritisation project, and future plans – Bob Boyle, Joint Coordinating Editor (presentation)

Incorporating synthesis of non-randomised study designs – Talk by Ben Carter, Cochrane Skin Statistical editor and Emma Mead, Methodologist (presentation)