Targeted Updates

The Targeted Update Project aims to provide policy-makers, in particular guideline developers, with up-to-date information from Cochrane Reviews, tailored to their needs and working to a fast timeline. Targeted Updates use Cochrane Reviews as their foundation, but focus on updating selected comparisons and outcomes, working in close consultation with key stakeholders. 

The three-page documents use Cochrane Reviews as their foundation, but focus on updating only one or two important comparisons, and the seven most relevant outcomes. The final choice of comparisons and outcomes are made in consultation with a group of content experts, often including the original review authors, the CRG editorial team, and guideline developers. They include an updated ‘Summary of Findings’ table and a detailed plain language abstract. The search results, risk of bias assessments, analyses and references are made available as supplementary information, as they do not form part of the Targeted Update document itself. Although Targeted Updates are not Cochrane Review updates, Cochrane methods are used to produce them so that any new data can then be used by review authors to facilitate a full Cochrane Review update where appropriate.

More details about the specific Skin Group project can be read here, with an opportunity for feedback, or you can just read the documents:

Supplementary information can be obtained by emailing Nuala Livingstone.