Cochrane Skin annual meeting March 2020

This year's annual meeting was planned to be in Aurora, Colorado, USA, 18-19 March 2020, immediately preceding the American Academy of Dermatology meeting and including a CS-COUSIN meeting on 19 March. However due to COVID-19, it is now going ahead as a virtual meeting. Denver time is GMT-6.

Comparative effectiveness research in Dermatology

This year's Cochrane Skin Annual meeting will be held virtually via ZOOM and will feature two hours of dermatologist panel discussion on COVID-19's impact on skin disease patient care moderated by Cochrane Skin Co-ordinating editor Robert Dellavalle, MD, PhD, MSPH: 


Date: Wed. March 18, 2020,  


Time: noon-1pm US Mountain Time Zone

Panel discussion I

COVID-19 & Dermatology--What to do this week


4pm-5pm US Mountain Time Zone

Panel discussion II

COVID-19 & Dermatology--What to do after this week.



Meeting ID: 272 737 8666 



The meeting is funded by an R13 conference grant from the NIH.

Virtual meeting: Cochrane Skin Group Day 1, Wednesday, March 18

8:20 R. Dellavalle elcome

8:35 M. Bigby EBM & CER

9:00 R. Boyle Prioritizing Cochrane Skin Systematic Reviews

9:25 L. Caplan Rheumatology CER

10:00 Poster Session - Buket Gundogan

10:15 T. Li Evaluating Harms of Interventions - Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

10:40 A. Andrade Latin America CER

11:05 J. Gelfand CER In Action: The LITE study

11:30 N. Chaiyakunapruk Network meta-analysis of systemic AD therapy

11:55 Covid 19 & Dermatology Panel-what to do this week

Panel 13:00 A. Armstrong Teledermatology CER

13:25 A. Fleischer Adherence to Evidence-Based Guidelines:The US experience in AD & Acne

13:50 A. Bruckner Peds derm CER

14:15 C. Dunnick Dermatitis CER

14:40 Break

15:05 V. Werth Autoimmune CER

15:30 M. Asgari Big Data CER

15:55 Panel COVID 19 & Dermatology--what to do after this week

16:30 C. Rundle/Dellavalle Waste in dermatology/Summary

Virtual meeting: Cochrane Skin Group Day 2 Thursday, March 19

8:00 R. Dellavalle Welcome

8:25 L. LeCleach Psoriasis Living Network meta-analysis

8:50 C. Barbulescu CER regenerative therapies for vitiligo & alopecia areata

9:15 R. Kirsner Wound care CER

9:40 Poster & break

10:05 M. Chren Keratinocyte Carcinoma CER

10:30 C. Torres CER for New Faculty

10:55 J. Block National Eczema Society CER

11:20 J. Hugh Acne CER

11:55 M. Trivella Prognostic SRs

12:20 Break and poster

13:00 W. High Dermatopathology

13:25 L. Frazer-Green Grade and Guidelines

13:50 L. Schilling FHIRing Up the Evidence

14:15 Break and poster viewing

14:40 E. Morrato CER and the FDA

15:10 D. Norris Hair CER

15:35 E. Freeman The future of CER

16:00 J Kottner CS-COUSIN (5-year Core Outcome Set Initiative)

16:10 J. Ingram HISTORIC HS measurement instrument

16:25 D. Thiboutot Acne ACORN update

16:40 K. Ezzedine Vitiligo INFO

16:55 B. Boyle COMFA food allergy outcomes

17:10 C. Apfelbacher HECOS hand eczema

17:25 J. Kottner

17:30 Adjourn

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