A new chapter for Cochrane Skin

Cochrane Skin moved to a new home in France near Paris in April 2023. We are very grateful to the French Dermatology Society, our main funder, for its support. Laurence Le Cleach assumes the role of Co-ordinating Editor together with Bob Boyle in London and Ching-Chi Chi in Taiwan as deputy Editors. 

Since its inception, Cochrane Skin has published over 100 systematic reviews, and 15 updates or new reviews are in progress. During the last three years, Cochrane Skin Reviews informed 70 clinical practice guidelines internationally. The Cochrane Library continues to be the most trusted source of evidence synthesis worldwide and had an impact factor of 8.4 (9.2 for Cochrane Skin alone) in 2022, which builds on a long-term trend of increasing impact.

The changes already implemented (centralised editorial process) and underway to transform the way Cochrane produces high-quality, independent, and timely evidence will not alter how authors interact and work with Cochrane Skin. Cochrane Skin will continue to assist authors in preparing proposals, protocols, reviews, and updates.

The new Cochrane Skin editorial team comprises dermatologists, methodologists, and systematic review experts with a range of experience. The objective of Cochrane Skin is to develop high-quality, trustworthy evidence-synthesis products to inform decision-making that affects the prioritisation and care of people affected by skin conditions. 

Cochrane Skin was created in 1997 by Hywel Williams, and the Nottingham base was supported by the UK National Institute for Health and Care Research for 25 years until the group’s recent move to Paris. Many warm thanks to previous editorial staff Helen Scott, Emma Axon, Liz Doney, and all contributors to Cochrane Skin reviews. Welcome to Sivem Afach.

We look forward to your continued engagement and welcome new contributors.

The new contact email address is: cochraneskin.hmn@aphp.fr