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Cochrane Skin Prioritisation Exercise

The Cochrane Skin Group has now been running for 20 years, and we are proud of the 100+ high quality systematic reviews that have been produced over that period. Our expanding portfolio, and the increasing number of non-Cochrane systematic reviews, means that we need to take stock and prioritise Cochrane Skin reviews going forward. We want to ensure that Cochrane Skin reviews are the reviews most needed by our stakeholders. We are particularly interested in reviews that are key to informing guidelines or policy, or that are funded by our stakeholders. We are also particularly interested in doing methodologically challenging systematic reviews that involve techniques such as network meta-analysis, individual patient meta-analysis and diagnostic test accuracy reviews.

With this in mind, we are currently undertaking a prioritisation exercise, and have asked for suggestions about what reviews or updates you would like us to prioritise over the next three years. We have writen to a wide range of stakeholders, and we are gathering all views together and will then make a final shortlist with our international editors. 

We will post the outcome of our prioritisation exercise on completion later in 2017.


The Cochrane Skin Group (CSG) has a number of titles in need of new review teams (please see the Important notice to the right of this page), which we have listed under the following categories:


We have also identified gaps in the evidence for ‘what works’ to improve the treatment of skin diseases in order to prioritise Cochrane Skin Group reviews.

New titles (currently 3 available)

These are unclaimed titles voted through in rounds of CSG title prioritisation.

Vacant titles (currently 9 available)

These are either:

  1. unclaimed titles that are already registered but were never published as protocols; or
  2. published protocols that have been withdrawn as they were not turned into reviews.

Vacant reviews (currently 8 available)

These are reviews that have been published but now require new teams for future updates.