Workshops and events

CSG Annual Meeting 2019
Date: 7th - 8th January
Location: Paris, France
Venue: Musée des Moulages, Hôpital Saint Louis 

We are soliciting abstracts involving dermatology systematic reviews, patient outcomes, and other matters of interest for the meeting. Please send abstracts by email to no later than October 1, 2018. Abstracts must be 2000 characters or less (including spaces). Please use this abstract template.

Previous meetings

CSG Annual Meeting 2017
Date: 15th - 16th January
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

CSG Annual Meeting 2018
Date: 9th - 10th January
Location: Berlin, Germany

CSG Annual Meeting 2016
Date: 22nd- 23rd February
Location: London, England

CSG Annual Meeting 2015
Date: 17th - 18th March
Location: Dresden, Germany

CSG Annual Meeting 2013
Date: 16th - 17th December
Location: Nottingham, England

CSG Annual Meeting 2012
Date: 22nd - 23rd October
Location: Paris, France

CSG Annual Meeting 2011
Date: 18th October 
Location: Madrid, Spain

CSG Annual Meeting 2010
Date: 16th - 17th October
Location: Denver, Colorado

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