New titles

We wish to attract proposals from those of you who would like to lead or be a co-author on a review team for any of the following titles, which the Skin Group's editors voted through in previous rounds of title prioritisation. 

Important notice

Cochrane Skin is currently undertaking a prioritisation project involving external stakeholders, in which we are assessing our entire portfolio of titles (registered and published).

We will not be accepting applications for vacant titles or reviews until we know the results of the project.

  • Systemic treatments (including homeopathy) for children with warts
    (Interest from 1 team, a potential consumer co-author, 1 medical student, and 6 clinicians*)
  • Adverse effects of topical steroids in children
    (Interest from 1 team*)
  • Hyperthermic isolated limb perfusion for advanced malignant melanoma
    (1 original co-author wishes to remain on any new team that's formed*)

For a brief explanation of the complete CSG title prioritisation process, please visit

*Please contact the editorial base for the details of these individuals.